Seminar: ” What The Media Forgot to tell us About Middle East and Palestine” ST James Cavalier , Valletta, Malta

The battle for the information especially in this issue is hard. The battle for the truth. Are we manipulated by every major conflict, and war propaganda? How do we spot the media lies in these issues? Who is censoring and – more importantly, depending on which interest or which prejudices? Can the truth be disseminated by the media?

FLASHBACK: WHAT does the media usually say today on Palestine and the Middle East?

That: Jews are returning to their forefathers’ land, from where they had been driven away in 70 A.D or that Israel was established in reaction to the massacre of Jews during the World War II , that Palestinians left their country on their own free will, that the US tries to protect democracy in the Middle East by protecting Israel. The media also states that when Jewish immigrants started colonizing Palestine, it was an empty and uninhabited country and so on … We are told that in Gaza, Hamas broke the truce when in fact it is Israel that keeps breaking international law. Palestinians are accused of being violent because they resist when ISRAEL destroys their villages, occupies their houses, puts children in prison and kills protesters. Mainstream media presents the US and Europe as seeking peace despite the fact that they are arming and financing the Israeli military.

We have Hesitated before organizing this meeting because we felt that a lot has been written on Palestine, the Palestinian issue and so called “Israeli- Arab” conflict.

However one thing intrigues many people and us : why has this conflict remained unresolved for so long? Elsewhere decolonization seems to be over, at least officially. Beyond the emotion That It can Produce, since 1948, Vietnamese came to end of the war in 1954 with French And with US in 1975.

Colonization in Algeria ended in 1962 after a terrible conflict and more than 130 years of colonization. South Africa Began to turn the page in 1991. Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau in 1974.

Are there hidden issues that prevent a solution? Why did the US give so much importance to the Zionist Ashkenazi entity? Is it because of the Holocaust, the lobby? Is it because the unconditional support of USA to Israel relates to the logic of the American ruling class which aims for global militarization (1000 military bases in the world) and the Middle East Control ?

1- Is it because it is the main area of production and exportation of oil?

2- Is it because of geographical reasons? The Middle East and Palestine are between India and Africa and this allow the US to continue threatening and controlling countries that seek independence. The oil remains, and will remain, in the future, an indispensable resource for the survival of the economy in general and capitalism in particular.

But then is the OIL the key issue?

SO Why then is colonial violence hidden? Why does our media manipulate the fact that it is a colonial war and replaces it with a religious war?

Audiovisual media focuses on shocking images of blood and violence. However there is silence when it comes to ECONOMIC violence or ADMINISTRATIVE VIOLENCE such as the expropriation of land or the houses ransacked. Of course it is easier to show an attack instead of the colonization/ colonial settlement.

The first is an event while the second is a process. Sometimes it shows Israeli violence but it is always accompanied by a self-defense speech. The media attempts to show compassion for Palestinians by condemning the excessive Israeli repression but in reality the intervention is legitimized. Why?

Because Palestinian violence is portrayed by mainstream media as the instigator of the conflict Colonial VIOLENCE which we strongly believe is the CORE PROBLEM, is hidden.

Our media obliterates the fact that this is a colonial war and replaces it with a war of religions. Sharon had a genius idea by declaring after September 11: “We have our Bin Laden: it is Arafat.” It has obscured the central issue of the Palestinian struggle: the theft of the land.

By reducing it to a religious dimension, it becomes a global ideological conflict in which the Palestinian movements only part of Islamist organizations.

It is totally wrong for Arafat who was a Nationalist. And it is even wrong for HAMAS with a small Islamist component but remains essentially a Palestinian national liberation movement.

Finally, it is important to note as Dr Samara wrote ” that much of the left is not of the side of the oppressed, the Palestinian people, but has assumed the Zionist propaganda, they do not to support the right of return and still consider the RSA country “democratic “despite the occupation. It is ironic that many leftists around the world have radical positions to most conflicts in the world against imperialism and Capital, with the exception of Palestine. This left, whether consciously or not, has been zionised, and Zionism is a racist and colonial ideology. Anyone who recognizes and supports the RSA is actually a Zionist. Therefore, the Zionists are not only Jews they can be, Arab, Palestinian, Zionist British … etc. ”

Obliterating the colonial aspect is not new. European medias have always done that. In the best case it shows two peoples who cannot live together without knowing why. It is presented as Arabs against jews, Muslims against jews.

Bush’s speech on the “clash of civilizations” was a boon for Israel because it resonated with fears not only for Israel but also for the West about the rise of Islam … Israel has managed to convey the idea that the aggression was not only to defend themselves but also to defend Western values.

The explanation by hatred or religious fanaticism is a speciality of some French and western intellectuals (BHL Gluksmann, Adler, Bruckner, Bernard Lewis, Hutchinson, Fukuyama…)

They spend their time attempting to transform colonialism into a religious conflict. To try to find the roots in the Qur’an. All these interpretations are extremely dishonest. Their goal is to divert attention from the facts.

Mainstream media presents two peoples who do not get along without knowing why. Isn’t it mediocre journalists who tell us at the end that history is inexplicable? The same occurs with the narrative on Africans: “These ethnic conflicts are frankly not understandable”. Ethnic conflicts exist, but mainstream media does not say that these conflicts are handled, instrumentalized and manipulated by great economic powers.

So why are these intellectuals are privileged in our mediait is the “weight of guilty” with reference to the genocide of European Jews? The Weight of history  in Western countries is still very strong and there is still a European Jewish community who survived the German Holocaust …..

Furthermore it is also the strategic creation of Israel designed as a Western Sentinel close to France and GB /EU/ and the USA. Israel was conceived as a natural, economic, cultural, strategically military ally of Western countries. Just take a look at the economic and military support that it receives.
Positive bias toward Israel and negative prejudice towards the Arab and Muslim world? Yes the great tragedy of the past centuries of colonization and is today accentuated by the rise of Islamism.   (US Senate’s approval of a multi-billion-dollar military spending bill that includes $350 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system.) US has provided over a trillion dollars in support to Israel over the years-The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day, adding up to over $3 billion annually

What has the media forgotten to tell us about this History?     How was Palestine before 1948, during the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate before the United Nation’s illegal creation of the “state of Israel”? Was Palestine really empty , inhabited mostly by nomads ? What is Christian Zionism and why are evangelists in USA the main supporters of the ZAR ? Is the Muslim resistance the “vanguard” of the national liberation movement in the Arab Homeland and Palestine? Is the Two-state solution the solution for a liberated Arab homeland and for Palestinian popular class? Is Israel a watchdog for the reproduction of a global imperialist/western capitalist domination ? Can we put a powerful military, technological and financial Israel and Palestinian occupied territories on the same level?

The stake is important: it is a question of showing the bottom cards, and exposing the pages of history and hidden interests . IN BRIEF: PUSH BACK DISINFORMATION, to open a true debate in the opinion is essential therefore a solution can be finally found. To all this questions we are going to try to give an answer with our speakers .

Dr Salim Nazzal, Palestinian Norvegian historian: ” Western Imperialist Penetration In Middle East from the  Crusades until Today”   ( Video 1 and 2)

Dr Adel Samara, Palestinian Economist: ” “Dialectic of transcending defeatism -A continuous targeting of Arab Conditions, the necessity for Resistance, Development and Unity”


Political Analyst Sukant Chandan, from the Tricontinental Platform: ““Gaza and the Palestinian revolution “

( video 1 and 2)

Journalist Alex Anfruns from Barcelona, and The Aturem La guerra Mollet Platform:   “The National Palestinian Unity in the context of destabilization of the arab world”




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