Alba malta north africa at the Cumbre de los Pueblos- Brussels 11 June , 2015

People’s Summit- Cumbre de Los Pueblos ( CELAC-EU)- Brussels 11 june 2015

We,Alba Malta North Africa  from the island of Malta, would like to thank the Belgian organizers especially INTAL and ICS  for this important event, held in Brussels on 11 June 2015 during the meeting between the CELAC and the EU ( a total of 60 states).
We are very happy to have participated to this EXTRAORDINARY meeting (that gather more than 346 organizations and 500 delegations) and have brought our support and solidarity with the peoples of Latin America, fighting for  social and economic workers emancipation and resisting the American and European imperialism in the region through mechanisms such as CELAC (Comunidad de Estados de Latin America y del Caribe), ALBA (Bolivarian Allianza of NUESTRA AMERICA) and UNASUR (UNION de las  NACIONES DEL SUR ) among others means.
We look with admiration the progress and the integration process launched by the Cuban revolution, the Bolivarian revolution, the citizen revolution of Ecuador , not to mention the fundamental contribution of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.
BUT we must be vigilant because the process is not IRREVERSIBLE and our duty and task is to continue our support from EUROPE to this process of socialist transition, independence and Latin American popular sovereignty.
We call again the European progressive and anti imperialist forces to stand for the withdraw of EURO, EU AND NATO and work to build a EURO MEDITERRANEAN AND AFRICAN ALBA based on the principles and mechanisms of social justice, popular participation and internationalist solidarity, free of wild and destructive capitalism.
Our short video during the  summit
Other ones By Labaro TV

Final Declaration with President Rafael Correa- Ecuador / Koekelberg Basilic , Brussels

Un saludo calor de pueblo
Alba Malta North Africa  Coord.

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We, the Peoples of the Americas and Europe are gathered at the People’s Summit in Brussels on 10 and 11, 2015, with more than 1500 delegates representing 346 organizations and social movements from 43 countries.
As part of a united and supportive debate, the participants in the conferences and seven workshops of the People’s Summit



1. We welcome and support the integration processes that prioritize and reinforce the self-determination and sovereignty of our peoples, such as ALBA, UNASUR and CELAC that have strengthened Latin American unity and that can be an inspiration for a new kind of European integration that emphasizes economic development, social rights and the welfare of its peoples.

2. We express our strong support for the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace and free from colonialism. In this regard, we reject the military harassment, and aggressions and threats of any kind that the United States and its allies deploy against our region through military bases, sites of Operations and similar facilities, which have no other justification than military intervention against our countries. Therefore, we demand the exclusion of all US military facilities in our region and advocate for a just and lasting peace with social justice in Colombia.


3. Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity and is already badly affecting the peoples of Latin America. Savage neoliberal capitalism has greatly exacerbated the unsustainability of the planet thus intensifying all the problems associated with climate change.”.We call for a climate agreement to keep global temperatures under 1.5 degrees of warming; that takes into account the right of everyone to sustainable and dignified living standards; that does not impair the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; and that is based on the principle of common but different responsibility for action on climate change. We call for a fossil fuel free future powered by clean, renewable energy and oppose fracking, tar-sands and Arctic drilling. We call for a comprehensive programme of net avoided emissions, to provide financing for developing countries to keep fossil fuels in the ground and invest in sustainable solutions.
We also advocate for environmental justice through a global eco-tax on trade in oil and other fossil fuels to finance the Green Climate Fund, and also a binding instrument to make multinational companies financially accountable for their devastating environmental and human rights abuses, as well as to regulate their practices. We need a shift away from harmful industrial agriculture and fishing. We call for respect for the rights of nations and peoples particularly in Latin America, to live in harmony with Mother Nature, for respect for ancestral ways of life and independent identity.
We condemn Chevron’s environmental damage to local communities in Ecuador, we also reject its attack and litigation against the government of Ecuador and we support their struggle against this predatory oil company.

4. We support the Cuban people and their revolution, and we welcome the return home of the five Cuban heroes, a product of international solidarity and the tireless struggle of their people. We support also the steps the US has taken to initiate a respectful dialogue with Cuba as well as the removal of Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which it should never have been in, but we demand the total, immediate and unconditional lifting of the devastating blockade against Cuba by the Government of the United States as well as the immediate closure of Guantanamo Bay and its unconditional return to Cuban sovereignty.

5. We express our unconditional and unrestricted support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the legitimate government led by Nicolas Maduro and we reject the permanent destabilization plans which are drawn, financed and organized against it by US agencies. Especially we reject the unjust and immoral interventionist Executive Order of the Government of the United States that aims to depict the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a threat to its national security – which has already earned the unanimous rejection of all countries of Latin America – and demand its immediate repeal.

6. We reject all forms of interventionist action by the United States against the progressive governments of Latin America, and demand that their national sovereignty and self-determination is respected. We call on all institutions of the European Union and its member states not to be accomplices of US interventionism against Latin America, but to adopt an attitude and a policy of constructive dialogue to the nations in the region. Therefore, we reject any support that both institutions of the European Union and its member countries provide for US foreign policy against the progressive governments of Latin America, such as the Common Position of the European Union towards Cuba.

7. We support all measures for the development of independent national economies that can interact with the world on the basis of equality and to prevent unfair foreign debts blocking their growth and development. We support and encourage any measure that is geared to building a participatory democracy as essential for the realization of the individual and collective political rights of the citizens of Latin America. To guarantee the human rights of all, we demand respect for the rights of the peoples of Latin America. Sovereignty with due respect for the principle of non intervention is an essential condition for human and peoples’ rights. We fully endorse Bolivia’s demand to have access to the sea.
We also support Argentine’s claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas and condemn the UK’s aggressive stance and illegal oil exploration there.
We applaud Nicaragua’s and Venezuela’s initiative to integrate Puerto Rico in CELAC as a proof that Latin America is a territory free from colonialism.


8. We express the urgent need to build a new society with social justice and gender equality, with the active participation of young people and the different social actors, with solidarity as fundamental principle for the integral and sovereign development of our people. Most Latin American republics are oriented in this direction. Latin America is implementing progressive policies that have reduced poverty, social exclusion, especially for women, Black and indigenous people and the marginalized poor. We fully support the struggle of indigenous peoples for the fulfillment of their cultural and social rights all over the continent. We also express our solidarity with African peoples and minorities in the US who are struggling against imperialism. The integration of Latin America will not be complete without integrating with Africa.

9. We reject the neoliberal model as the solution to the problems and needs of our people since it has proven to be the most effective instrument for deepening poverty, misery, inequality, social exclusion and the unjust distribution of wealth known. There is, unfortunately, a minority that still insists on trying to impose the neoliberal model. We oppose the economic austerity imposed by the troika across the European Union, which benefits only the richest 1% of society and we oppose especially the Troika austerity against the government and people of Greece. We condemn the harassment and pressure to which the Troika and the institutions of the European Union subject Greece and its people. However, the European Union supports and collaborates in illegal military aggressions against sovereign nations in very expensive wars that aggravate and worsen the austerity against the peoples of Europe. No to European involvement in illegal wars.

10. We reaffirm our struggle against free trade agreements such as NAFTA, TTIP, TPC, TISA and the Pacific Alliance because they are a brutal attack on the social, democratic and political rights of workers and peoples where such agreements are implemented. We will continue to maintain that the foreign debt of our countries is uncollectable and unpayable for being illegitimate and immoral.

11. We call for a global fight to defend our natural resources –mining among others-, biodiversity, food sovereignty, our common goods, Mother Earth and all social gains and rights. The fight for jobs, decent work and wages, social security, pensions, collective bargaining, the right to organize, the right to strike, freedom of association, occupational health, economic and social rights, respect for migrants, the abolition of child and slave labour, justice and gender equity. All this is and will be possible if we work in unity to build the broadest coalition of social and political forces capable of replacing the dominant neoliberal power bloc for an alternative social and political bloc that defends the interests of our peoples and put the social, political, cultural and identity of human beings at the centre of its concerns.


12. We condemn the continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and call on the European Union and all its member states, following the example of the government of Sweden, to recognise the Palestinian state and we demand the immediate and unconditional lifting of the blockade on Gaza and call to respect the human, national and cultural rights of the Palestinian people.


13. We firmly condemn NATO’s militarization and aggression in Eastern Europe and part of the Ukraine aiming to amplify the European Union and the US’ sphere of influence.


14. We strongly condemn the current immigration policy of the European Union, whose inhumanity and total lack of the defence of the right to life, is causing thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere. We also condemn increasingly prevalent racism and all manifestations of xenophobia often used by right-wing European parties. They seek to capitalize politically and electorally scapegoating immigrant communities by falsely presenting them as the cause of unemployment, homelessness and the economic problems of society.


15. The giant corporations of the mass media exhibit one of the highest levels of centralization and concentration of corporate capital in the world and are diametrically opposed to any attempt of affirmation of national sovereignty and anti-neoliberal agendas by any government in the world. These media are a powerful weapon of demonization and destabilization of the progressive processes underway in Latin America AND EUROPE. To change the mass media necessitates a change of society. Meanwhile we organize our own media, nationally and internationally, on the basis of common social interest. The guiding principle of our medial, including social media, is to replace the dominant neo-liberal ideology by a progressive ideology that has as its organising principle social and democratic development, citizen’s participation and the social rights of the peoples.

16. We the peoples of the Americas and Europe will learn from each other and build a powerful global network of social movements to avert the climate crisis, oppose all forms of discrimination, oppression, exploitation, racism, exclusion, and social injustice, neo-liberalism and imperialist wars, fighting instead for peace, equality, participatory democracy, social justice, and sustainable economies within planetary boundaries – that is, we will continue to fight together for a better world.

June 11th, 2015
Brussels, Belgium


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