Remembering the Other September 11: Chile the Torch Of The Utopia



Thank you Malta for your Participation and interest and for your congratulations !

We hope to share with you other significant moment .

“We are the survivors, we speak, we have a memory to be transmitted, who must
live, which is a powerful tool to consolidate it and build the future.”
We, As Garden Of Knowledge Malta Association, believe that
young generations worldwide should recognize this part of Latin American history as part of Universal History, of the unique History of democracy and the socialist movement. For the first time, Chileans felt they were part of history and participating on something very special…………..

IMG_0280     IMG_0322     IMG_0204    IMG_0313


IMG_0292    IMG_0311     IMG_0212    IMG_0327



DSC01629     IMG_0276        Remembering The other September 11- Chile, the torch of the Utopia By Garden of Knowledge Malta Association





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