ALBA Malta North Africa Coordination ( Bolivarian alliance) is working on the organization of anti-imperialist and anti capitalist Mediterranean conferences, to lay the groundwork for the socialist process.

It means to learn to know each other, to share our experiences of struggle, to think collectively, starting from different realities of resistance, to promote the contents of a global alternative to the capitalist crisis.But also to lay the foundations of international campaigns that break the isolation of social and democratic struggles that stand against colonization and imperialism, and to encourage, beyond borders, solidarity between workers and provide necessary support to the liberation struggles of peoples from Patagonia to Palestine and consolidate the march towards socialism.

Our goal is also to promote the dissemination of  cultural  knowledge and the appreciation of other cultures and societies through education and events.


Promoting research, knowledge-making, education (through seminars, workshops, exhibits, round-tables discussions,solidarity campaign ,  publications and video-making) and public policy to invent and work towards non-competitive horizons of life,   and a decolonial and socialist perspective.

We are totally VOLUNTARY , with NO funds from any imperialist organization ( EU, ONU, FMI, etc..) .

Watch the video:




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  1. Steph says:

    Congratulations for this brillant initiative! I am looking forward to seeing the events start. Could you please give more information on the teachers’ profiles who will lead the courses?

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