LE VISAGE DE l’IMPERIALISME/ The face of Imperialism- Michael Parenti – ed. Delga

In this book, imperialism is defined as the process by which the interests of the dominant investors in countries use the military and financial power against another country in order to expropriate the land, labor, capital, resources natural, trade and markets of it.
At a moment in history when, on one side, the rushing ahead of US imperialism is accelerating and becoming the most dangerous for the world, and where, from the other, the general understanding of this phenomenon is at its lowest, this book fills an essential function. With an educational approach, it illuminates the different aspects  of US interventionism, described its nature, its methods, its agents, its operation. He illustrates his arguments with examples that testify to the profound culture of the author, without losing the reader in the story meanders: rather than a history book, it makes work of analysis and explanation .

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