CLASS STRUGGLE AND EXPROPRIATION IN JEMNA ( South Tunisia) _ Farmers and Palm Dates

ZAPATA IS ALIVE ! This interview was conducted by our Coordination Alba Malta North Africa, December 23, 2015 in Jemna with prof. Tahar Tehri, President of the Association for the Protection and Defense of the Oasis Jemna (Kebili Governorate) Southern Tunisia.

It tells briefly the history of struggle by JEMNA people (one of the poorest region of Tunisia) for the legitimate re-appropriation of their land stolen by the French colonial oligarchy first and after the independence, by the Tunisian oligarchy.

An example of class struggle .

With the recent signature of the ultra-liberal treaties Between Tunisia and  UE ( without any popular consultation)  , agribusiness companies  might be the ultimate colonization of these lands.

Strengthen political alliances and internationalist solidarity is urgent if we want to defend  farmers and peoples rights.

From Jemna to Palestine through Brazil, Zapata Vive!


This is our contribution:


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