LONG LIVE TO THE GREAT WAY TO THE EAST ! By Argentinian-mexican Philosopher Enrique Dussel


You are a BREATH for the HISTORY OF THE CULTURES OF HUMANITY! A Breath when you deny HEGEL that claims that ” the Universal history goes from the East towards the West and that Europe is absolutely the end of the Universal history ” –

You are a Breath when you claim that the HELENO CENTRISM IS THE FATHER OF EURO CENTRISM.
You are a breath when you say that PHILOSOPHY STARTS IN EGYPT AND NOT IN GREECE.

You Are breath when you say The MOTHER Culture OF THE MEDITERRANEAN IS EGYPT: from there towards Palestinians. And the Hebrew is a PALESTINIAN dialect. EGIP TAH/COP TAH has the same meaning . TAH was the great god of Egypt The worshipers of Tah, Great god of Memphis in Egypt

You are a Breath when you declare that The Egyptians produce the GREEK and SEMITIC thought – AND this CULTURE IS COMPLETELY AFRICAN ( BANTU) .
The great mother culture of the MEDITERRANEAN is AFRICAN.

You are a Breath when you teach that Feudalism existed only in Europe and that there was no feudalism in Asia, The marxist Asian Production mode never existed – there was no FEUDALISM IN ANY Culture of the world except europe – not in China not in India , they were all URBAN and mercantilist cultures … .

You are a Breath when you write that EUROPE have been always peripherical until 1870–

You are a Breath when you say that until 1870 China was producing more steel than USA and England together-Chinese discover steel in the SECOND century and Chinese install the whole steel in USA, Shefield’s factories in England are created due to Chinese engineers, Chinese teach British men how to do steel, produced the agricultural revolution, the spinning and TEXTILE, and the machines are Chinese!

You are a Breath when You Speak about AMERICA (Abya YALA) as the EXTREME EAST OF THE EXTREME EAST and of the PACIFIC as the center of the Polynesians and Asian cultures …



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