Why Oligarchy worlwide is promoting the gender theory of John Money?

The gender theory,  the New Sexual order and the Man without Identity

This ideology of “gender” is supported by all  ultra-liberal globalists institutions : European Union, OECD, IMF, UNESCO ..Rockefeller and Rothschild group (  gender theory in the 70′ and Kinsey Institute was financed by Rockefeller). This is where we see the true nature of this ideology  to produce asexual and mindless clones , what is needed for a multinational easy monopoly on a standardized market. And of course, the useful idiots of this strategy are the ” NEW LEFT.” or  SOCIAL IMPERIALISTS.
Our  QUESTION IS : why capitalism and the oligarchy ( represents by most of the corporations  and Banks as JP Morgan or Goldmans and Sachs:  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/feb/07/lloyd-blankfein-gay-marriage-spokesman )   promotes a NEW SEXUAL  ORDER now ?

There are reasons why the ruling elites want to promote androgyny . Try to think : (1) imperialism has the problem of solving the problem of overpopulation in the world ( neo malthusianism)  , and create an “hybrid anthropological man / woman is a good solution , (2) gays are mainly concentrated on “body rights” while ignoring the social committement . Fragility is offset by egocentrism .

This makes them particularly manipulable , (3) the destruction of the traditional family ( bourgeoise family does not  suit anymore  with the new need of the capitalist market) , therefore, it can become a mean to increase  mass consumption. If a family of 5,   5 isolated persons , washing machines sold will be 3 or 4 and not 1 or 2, (4) capitalism generates  NON- EMOTIONAL links and homosexual relations are a good anesthetic. This foreshadows that there will be an array a as classist homosexuality  .

How and WHY oligarchies  want to IMPOSE to the world sex uniformity? The attack on sexuality, in its masculine and feminine genders, is currently the most baffling attempt of  manipulation of the human being ever attempted in history. Promoted due to the economic and political power   of the most powerful lobbies of the West, this veritable “anthropological mutation” is now set through the media, culture, entertainment and laws.What is the origins of Gender Ideology  and militant homosexuality ?why we assist to a  progressive clearance of pedophilia ? and the  the invention of the ” X sex” in a process of a  creation of a new man “without identity”.




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