The abuse of Maltese History and St Paul’s Myth by Mark Camilleri

The PAULINE MYTH claims that  information on MALTA’s ARAB HERITAGE is being suppressed from the PUBLIC to perpetuate THE MYTH THAT THE MALTESE have been CHRISTIANS since the time of ST PAUL’s shipwreck in 60 AD.

Mark Camilleri :  “The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage is run by officials who are on the side of those who against all odds – the odds being historical evidence – still claim that Malta has become Christian since the arrival of St. Paul and remained Christian ever since. Being in charge of the institution which is in charge of Malta’s archaeological remains, these officials can make use of great institutional leverage in their pursuit for projects of disinformation. One of the methods used to aid the myth, is the concealment of archaeological evidence. This happened notably during the extensive public works of the Mdina roads repavement a couple of years ago.”

mark camilleri


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