Article Published in Mosta and St Pauls Bay Local Council Magazine , 27 of August 2013

Indian Film Festival Coming soon in Malta

By Garden Of Knowledge Malta Association

As Part of Days of India in Malta, The Indian Film Festival celebrates 100 years of Bollywood existence between the 1st  and 6 th of October 2013.

Garden of knowledge Malta Association  wanted to organize the Indian film festival  to honor and commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bollywood and enhance its richness and diversity, and also its realism (the first film was produced in 1913). Headquartered in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Bollywood, the   North Indian industry is one of the most productive in the world, alongside Hollywood. In India, there are not only  Bollywood and Hindi cinema: there’s also kollywood, Mollywood and Tollywood corresponding on the different regions.

Its production is “commercial” intend “popular”. This movie has its roots in the great Indian mythological sagas, but it speaks to all, we have to watch it with the heart, away from our western references , to get carried away by the whirlwind of emotions that rise on us.

We consider the Indian cinematography among the best in the world and unfairly underrepresented in the Western world. While in Africa, Russia and the Middle East is widely broadcasted.

Garden of knowledge proposed this initiative to the Indian authorities during  the month of February 2013 and gradually, the project took off. We are now organizing this event with the auspices of the Indian Embassy in Libya, the Indian High Commission  and the Indian Community in Malta.

We will present five movies (Lagaan, Paheli, Baghban,Shree 420,  Taare Zameen Par ( that is for child). The movies are of various types:  historical like the film Lagaan , fantastic (ghost movie) as Paheli , or a drama as Baghban, but all leads you to a deeper reflection on society and even about yourself. It combines dance music, social justice, realism and moral right with great expertise. We are far from  “tomato sauce / sex and special effects”  movies.

We would like to emphasize, unlike the superficial  perception that we use to have on Bollywood ( dance music and crying), the  extreme realism in  social thematic approach (only the neo realism of Italian cinema can be a reference). Bollywood  played a key role in the construction of  Indian  national identity – (by narrating the history of national heroes and the great Hindustan, in its denunciation of social injustice and the persistence of caste, the role of women,  the conditions of peasants, the insertion of  Indian society in the  capitalism system and his social consequences, the abuse of power, corruption, the dramatic partition of India and its human heartbreaks, the ferocity of British colonialism, etc …).

It is really lively, colourful, rich and diverse. It is also a very sentimental cinema, poetic and passionate.

Our goal is to bring to Maltese public the possibility to appreciate and value in all its diversity and richness cultures of the world without moral judgment, Eurocentric prejudices or stereotypes. The film festival is just one way  among others to approach a  culture. We hope you will enjoy it!

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