MALTA CUBA SOCIETY- his camp is ideal for students, youths, workers, teachers, political activists and those wanting a different holdiay.
Participants will have the opportunity to see and experience the real Cuba:
Visit and work in the Cuban agricultural system
Visit primary and secondary schools, art schools, universities and gymnasiums
Meet social and political organisations
Meet many european cuban-solidarity organisations
Visit hospitals and clinics
Visit the provinces of Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba
Try authentic Cuban cigars, rum and tropical food
Visit museums, galleries and beaches
Get involved in a range of cultural activities
See and discuss the Cuban political system
Learn Spanish and Salsa
Visit food, tobacco, rum and other small industry factories
Participation in any of the events is non-obligatory. Brigadistas also take part in a full programme of activities including educational and political events plus visits to hospitals and schools to see for yourself the successes of the Revolution. Entertainment is provided at the camp with live bands and dance lessons, whilst excursions to some of Cuba’s fantastic beaches and places of interest are organised. The brigadistas will also stay a weekend at a hotel in Pinar del Rio, an adjacent province to Havana, which also has its distinct characteristics from Havana.



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