This is our contribution to African History and Culture!


Did you know that Africa became the most powerful civilizations of all times thanks to science and knowledge of the Egyptians, a civilization totally African that Greeks spread to the West?
Did someone commented to you that one of the most powerful women of all times was Mbande Ngola Nzinga African-Kiluanji (Kingdom of Ling Bao-Ndongo) present day Angola, emblematic figure of the struggle against slavery and for women’s empowerment in Africa (1583-1663 )?
Did you read somewhere that the Empire of Mali was one of the richest empires ever known and one of their leaders brought down the gold course to disclose their wealth?
Did they teach you in school that, 200 years before Christopher Columbus did, an emperor of Mali, Mansa Abubakari II attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean and get to America?
Did you read somewhere that the African Songhai Empire became larger and more prosperous than the empire of Alexander the Great?
Did you know that Ethiopia defeated colonialist’s attacks of Mussolini’s and forced them to make peace?
Learn more!

 Thanks to all the kids and parents who participate and make this project a reality!

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